Environmental responsability
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Environmental responsability

Our commitment to the environment

Here at Château de la Messardière, we feel that luxury services should not generate the wastage of precious resources or excess pollution. So, in the aim of preserving our magnificent environment, the Château management and staff have got together to drawn up an environmental charter. This charter focuses mainly on the preservation of our grounds, measures to save water and energy and a fair purchasing policy favoring the economic development of our beautiful region.

The charter lists the various action undertaken and measures implemented to promote environmentally-friendly behavior. It also describes the simple gestures that will allow you to take part in our initiative during your stay.

The results achieved to date are most encouraging; they show that luxury and environmental respect can be combined within a sustained development policy to provide for your comfort and that of our future generations.

Our actions

In the park and gardens:

  • We are developing a genuine natural heritage by planting mainly local varieties of plants and trees.
  • We are saving water by using plants adapted to dry soils and replacing many of the existing lawns with Mediterranean-style gardens.
  • Our pool water is recovered, filtered naturally and used as drinking water for fauna living in the grounds.
  • We are committed to preserving wildlife and continue to be active members of the "Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux" (LPO/Bird Life International).
  • We do not use pesticides.
  • Our gardeners use electric vehicles.

Inside the Chateau:

  • We are gradually replacing all electric light bulbs with low energy bulbs.
  • Wherever possible, we use eco cleaning products for our laundry, restaurants and bars.
  • We recycle our waste.
  • We are introducing monitoring processes for health, food and sanitation.
  • All of our suppliers operate environmentally-friendly policies.
  • We favor regional convenience items.
  • We promote regional gastronomic produce.
  • Our menus already feature various organic produce and we intend to extend this choice in line with increasing availability.

How you can help

You can help support our action through a variety of simple gestures:

  • Reduce the impact of detergents on the environment:
    To reduce linen washing, we invite you to place the towels you want washed in the bathtub. If you want your sheets changed, simply put the little card you will find in your room on the bed.
  • Promote a quiet atmosphere:
    Turning off the ring of your cell phone allows the other guests not to be disturbed and to enjoy the quietness of the shared areas.
  • Save energy:
    Please shut your windows and bay windows when the air-conditioning is on.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions:
    We recommend using the hotel's free shuttle service to go to Saint‑Tropez and Tropézina-Tahiti beach.
  • Promote a healthy environment:
    Please smoke on your balcony or terrace rather than in your room.