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A natural environment, a setting of peace and quiet around the Château

The Park dominates the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and stands in an area of over 10 hectares.

Its landscaped trails reveal protected fauna and flora and stretch along paths dedicated to Mediterranean species whose fragrances rival those of any rose garden.

Like the birds that find refuge in the Park, you can rest on the Salernes lava benches, in the shade of the umbrella pines or in the garden pavilion at the waterside.

Jean-Philippe RICHARD's "Jardin des Sculptures" comprises 16 female statues set in the Park and contributes to its mystery.


The petanque area, a few steps from the water, awaits you and your family and friends for parties steeped in local tradition. 

Our bar staff have bowling games available and can organize snacks and aperitifs at short notice.


For the younger members of the family from 1 to 12 years old, a spacious natural wood playground was installed in the Park's natural environment during the winter of 2018-2019. It can be found near the petanque area and the olive groves.

This "Kingdom of Princes and Princesses" is divided into four areas for different ages and has several activity areas with various apparatuses and balancing games and activities.

Away from the swimming pools and rooms, young adventurers can let their imagination and natural energy run wild under the supervision of their parents or an accompanying adult.